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Milk powder of the scare buying since You Xian of HongKong and Macow is hot
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The reporter learns from Guangzhou travel market yesterday, come day after day, a Guangzhou scare buying since You Xian of each HongKong and Macow of big travel agent imports milk powder to heat up. Not only HongKong and Macow swims returning citizen takes milk powder to make more " the hand is believed " , through travel agent the Hong Kong that order goes back and forth between direct ticket, go buying the citizen that imports powdered milk to also show the trend that rise sharply.

Carrying shipment of a few empty eontainers

From " problem milk powder " after incident happening, mom is contending for a few young father to go to Hong Kong scare buying imports powdered milk, guangzhou HongKong and Macow swims heat of medium scare buying milk powder also grows in intensity. Come from south the statistical data of lake nation force shows, nearly two days, the tourist amount that in travel agent the Hong Kong that order goes back and forth between the free travel such as direct ticket increases apparently, increased last week compared to the same period 30% the left and right sides. It is reported, a lot of parents are the big boot that bringing 34 air, average mouth milk powder goes before.

Citizen introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady is a typical case. Her son just 5 many months are big, she entrusts the friend that works in travel agent to take entrance milk powder to her from Hong Kong all the time before. "Since last week, I see a lot of mom go to Hong Kong cleaning out entrance milk powder, I worry about everybody scare buying, hong Kong meeting be in short supply, last week 3 I am purchased technically with husband together, carried 24 canister to come back... "

Travel agent expresses, the tourist that purchases entrance milk powder is in the majority with swimming one day, young father and mother is roundtrip that day more, the HongKong and Macow that makes ferial person energy of life average swims abrupt and hot rise. Travel agent predicts, this Hong Kong freedom is met soon on the weekend occurrence height, stuff of number of go on a journey increases than last week 5 into above.

The tourist guide changes personally " a form of a address for an official or rich man " take money

Not only such, the citizen that the near future joins round Hong Kong to swim is much also " new mission " : Take milk powder for relatives and friends. It is reported, the Hong Kong before this swims returning citizen mostly apt brings the product of electron of cosmetic, number material benefit that avoids custom duty " the hand is believed " . "Problem milk powder " after incident happening, elegant earth up, what the entrance milk powder such as official of Whitworth, beautiful element, beautiful assist, byre also became a citizen is popular " the hand is believed " . Miss Ou that works in travel company has feeling greatly. "Be away on official business previously go to Hong Kong, often help a friend carry the cosmetic such as the some of perfume, grandma that wash a face, the relatives and friends that lets me take milk powder now is increasing, I become milk powder of buy in and sell at a profit quickly ' a form of a address for an official or rich man ' . " tourist guide Miss Cai tells a reporter, she just headed two days of swimming groups of a Hong Kong, when answering Guangzhou on September 17, the tourist that 3 become above is carrying one tin the milk powder of one canister, it is for the most part among them those who get a person hold in the palm.
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