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Shaanxi is saved this year " 11 " the golden week will appear 3 big characterist
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This year " 11 " the golden week is a country after implementing new senior false system, first the longest off period. The complete province that the reporter holds from today " 11 " holiday travel job understands on the meeting, I am saved this year " 11 " the golden week will appear 3 characteristics.

It is dimensions of go on a journey will achieve the history new tall. As a result of " 51 " long holiday is cancelled this year, add the account such as Sichuan earthquake, the travel demand that consumer lays aside temporarily may be in " 11 " the golden week is released, add my province was adopted since this year a series of travel conduct propaganda popularizes measure, the number that ab extra short for Shaanxi Province of other place, condition travels will have very big rise.

2 it is to go vacationing recreational product is favorred further. The travel product of the travel that participates in type, natural scene, local customs, recreational health care is chased after hold in both hands. This year 11 during, I save each district to will be held " picked fall " , " seaborne contest " , " farmhouse hutch art contest " wait for an activity.

3 it is travel installs total pressure to increase. Besides concentrated group travel, participate in this year drive oneself swim, self-help swims, medicinal powder the tourist that the guest swims will relatively in former years has relatively substantially increase, make holiday travel principal part, also bring greater pressure to travel safety safeguard.

For this, it is good to ask tourist attraction of various travel management department and each great respect area wants to be done actively on the province recieve the job, lash-up to handle beforehand the travel program of case and rich and colorful, the branch such as public security, industrial and commercial, travel, prices, qualitative check should is opposite tourist attraction of travel scene area public undertake with travel establishment overall safety is checked, "11 " during, public security mechanism wants the requirement that security of Olympic Games prepping according to works, layer upon layer fulfil responsibility, ensure tourist person belongings is safe.