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Manager of travel agent of a hunderd schools does not have stannic step on the l
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"The travel new Jing Xinpin that develops in last few years without stannum is too beautiful, showed having stannum is a good place further! " before manager of travel agent of countrywide a hunderd schools, yesterday is assembled in two days too of the lake bank, research the city that do not have stannum's new travel tourist attraction and new travel product, for coming " 11 " market of golden week travel is on-the-spot step on the line, be visited in order to recommend an organization without stannum before more nonlocal tourists go vacationing, deepness is experienced " having stannum is a good place " .

Soft-shelled turtle head smalls piece of land surrounded by water, of the famed far and near such as city of waterside of water of gourd ladle garden, the Three Kingdoms too lake beauty spot, familiar to the ear of tourist of China and foreign countries can detailed, a lot of new condition of new development of Dan Xicheng the last few years are tasted newly, little-known however, nonlocal tourist patronage is less. All the way, museum of the museum of Chinese nation industry and commerce that public figure of domestic tourism group inspected to be opened in succession in recent years on the spot, grand hill relics, Wu Wen changes museum and the He Zhenliang that decorate anew and Olympic to display a house, experience culture travel to be in those who do not have stannum is brand-new rise abruptly. In the area of open type situation with Hua Dong the largest area, travel agent of a hunderd schools is represented along 38 kilometers too lake water front, park of national city wet land, water resides the long An Xi that fair island of island of father of the area of scene of gourd ladle lake that inspected new open up on the way, central park, 100 meters tall gush, fishing, Bo, 18 bays and National Day are about to open to the outside world center, skyscraping annulus, . Everybody feels in make an on-the-spot investigation the Xin Jingxin that emerges in endlessly in recent years without stannum is tasted, make indeed National People's Congress opens horizon, enriched travel resource, attracted travel person to enrage. Subsequently, colleague of countrywide tourism group still inspected area of clever hill scene 3 period project spot and without stannum nightly culture travels activity, watched large and literary program " surmount myth " show, to imposing manner extensive grand Ling Shanfan palace, 5 imprint the nightly culture that the Buddhist culture tourist attraction with Gong An new field of altar city, Buddhist and wonderful confused show travels activity, be profuse in praise, breathe out greatly satisfy a craving. Manager of each district travel agent and public figure of group of tourism of the city that do not have stannum undertook extensive and thorough communication communicate, will come henceforth to nonlocal tourist the route chart that stannum travels undertook updating perfecting, express to want to travel to Jie Taihu of strong thrust of each district tourist in succession new Jing Xinpin, will deep and the product of travel of the culture that do not have stannum of novelty is brand-new show the people of the whole country.
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