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Travel agent whether for the tourist " act according to actual circumstances "
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A few days ago, the author phones peaceful sea county a travel agent, say " 11 " want to go Dalian, Qingdao, still want to go incidentally father-in-law, a fabled abode of immortals. The staff member says very embarrassedly, this circuitry was not rolled out in the company at present, if the author wants to go, can contact 10 people, they can form a delegation. The author did not think of viatic society is such answer apparently.

And the author's friend " 11 " want to go Yunnan, she says to want to wait for a few days more in Li Jiang, hope to there is shopping arrangement in the journey, but phone travel bureau, gotten answer is however: Go the circuitry of Yunnan, route has been arranged, whole group cannot because of her one person and change.

This " 11 " , the author and friend want the plan of go on a journey originally, because cannot press oneself journey,travel and cancel. Its implementation is in, more and more tourists besides raise taller requirement to travel product quality, it is recreational no matter, go vacationing, still be business affairs go on a journey, the tourist's alternative is owner and owner change, colour of more rich individual character, the demand that its serve to scheduling and travel also emphasizes individuation more. Face this one new change of the market, our travel agent whether adjust train of thought in time, come loose in the light of unit group, family, individual guest, drive oneself does the tourist roll out the travel product that has something made to order personally for passenger volume stage by stage?

It is not difficult that actually this plan is rolled out, before rolling out, travel agent can seek the opinion of tourist of administrative levels of different age, different income to the society, the quantity has something made to order personally travel product. Can try to begin from the many link such as travel product, hotel, meal for instance, roll out menu type to serve for the tourist, implementation chooses diversification. "Go out how to play with the group, live the hotel of what level, need what kind of have dinner... " the tourist can take this piece " menu " proper motion choice. If only one day, when phoning travel bureau again, can hear such answer: Our company has of this circuitry " menu " , you might as well come choose...