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Travel agent contends for relevant circuitry, "Olympic Games place swims after "
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When abstruse meeting has not ended incomplete, "Bird's nest " , " water is cubic " , Olympic park already became most ablaze new travel landscape. The reporter understands, many travel agent had rolled out at present Dalian " hind Olympic Games place swims " relevant product, got of a lot of citizens chase after hold in both hands, a few " 11 " circuit early the person is completely suffer from.

A few days ago, the reporter sees in a travel agent around friendly square, there are many people in the citizen that seek advice is to want to be seen " bird's nest " wait for elegant demeanour of Olympic Games place. Lady of Dalian citizen week tells a reporter, beijing went a lot of times, be the Imperial Palace or Great Wall already did not have appeal to her no matter, "But I prepare next week to go to Beijing again, the purpose visits those Olympic Games place namely. " she says, "After all this Olympic Games is right the sense is extraordinary for the Chinese, although I fail to watch game to the spot, but cannot be missed again and ' bird's nest ' the opportunity of intimate contact. " a staff member of travel agent to reporter introduction: "Began September, ' hind Olympic Games place swims ' the product begins very sell like hot cakes, many circuitry that roll out appears explode full circumstance. Sent on September 29 for instance ' Beijing Shuang Fei place of 5 days of Olympic Gameses swims ' circuit, roll out only 4 days, at present remnant two room. At present remnant two room..

The reporter understands from travel agent of Dalian much home again subsequently, be aimed at numerous tourist " Olympic Games demand " , they undertook adjustment to groovy circuitry, blend in more Olympic Games elements as far as possible, among them the most important is make one's rounds swims " bird's nest " , " water is cubic " wait for Olympic Games place. Besides Beijing, the Olympic Games assist the promotion key that doing urban Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenyang to wait also is travel agent, for instance the abstruse sail center of Qingdao will open to the outside world since October 1, this also draws go on a journey of not little citizen signing up. As we have learned, although the Beijing during the National Day swims,increased Olympic Games place to see a drop, but too won't big to the influence of integral price, with compare at ordinary times, the case of Beijing travel expense during the National Day can rise 10% to 20% the left and right sides. The personage inside course of study expresses, "Olympic Games place swims after " will become probably the one big gain of travel market is nodded this year.