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Shanghai travel line adjusts an end, "11 " will turn new line
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20 days, shanghai travel is distributing center the line of Min travel tourism that one of lines travel inside central city opens a ceremony that start to fizzle out in Min Hang garden of nature science of culture of Pu Jiang water is held, the 10 travel line that all previous classics adjusts 1 year partly also will be rolled out in the round subsequently.

Because the public traffic such as the subway is swift and violent in recent years,develop, suburb new tourist attraction is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, shanghai travel is distributing center the real requirement that 10 travel line of the center already cannot satisfy a tourist. Travel according to city appoint requirement, attach most importance to image of line of model Shanghai travel, receive better world rich was met 2010, service age rich travels, distributing center center
Begin to begin to adjust relevant travel circuitry first half of the year from last year, be in this year " 11 " the new line after adjusting is rolled out in succession before the golden week.

It is reported, the mode flying a class of line of the travel after adjusting mixes according to characteristic of tourist attraction resource seasonal feature and cent of demand of citizen go on a journey are: Leave every day class, double cease during day opens class, section to celebrate, leave class and seasonal open a class to wait for 4 kinds. Combine the development existing state of affairs of construction of new rural area and suburb tourist attraction at the same time, travel line operation pattern from before " many bits of car of a bit hair, berth " adjust for " much dot (business site) hair car, by the dot (business site) solstice (travel tourist attraction) " , midway establishs point of berth of blame tourist attraction additionally no longer.