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Wine spring " god 7 " emissive travel project is made stop
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When quiver heart accepted a reporter to interview on September 19 about chief, hair of wine spring satellite says, 7 airship finish divine boat 18 days with long march the butt joint of 2 F rocket, boat arrow assembly will come at perpendicular recently have a change of luck emissive mast.

18 days of dusks, airship and the assembly that rectification overspreads begin hoisting, as successful as the 2nd class of the rocket butt joint; Subsequently, escape with the rocket that flees for his life at lash-up circumstance spacefarer the tower also is installed end. So far, the perpendicular general assembly of rocket and airship is finished smoothly.

Divine boat flies 6 numbers since the success, emissive field accuses to the center the hall undertook upgrading replacement, undertook adjustment optimizing to the deploy of radar equipment, added 3 high-powered camera newly on emissive mast, make whole test emissive process more intuitionistic can accuse.

This chief says, rocket and airship are entered since blasting off, manned spaceflight project each are big the system undertook for many times associated drilling, the product position such as airship, rocket is good, emissive each preparation work goes well.

On September 18 morning, bureau of wine spring tourism expresses, stem from safety and confidential need, city of all visiting spaceflight reachs wine spring watch " god 7 " emissive travel project is same time-out, specific restore date to want when " god 7 " after blasting off, decide again.

The Wu Ke of division of development of market of bureau of wine spring tourism is long say, bureau of the tourism at the beginning of September received the announcement of city of east wind spaceflight: Do not grant to organize any activities at present, in bringing into project of visiting spaceflight city travel to plan. "A lot of tourists call recently seek advice watch ' god 7 ' the travel that blast off is round, but we had suspended this project. " Miss Huang of travel agent of wine spring the Western Han Dynasty says, they have the tourism group of visiting spaceflight city at ordinary times, "God 5 " , " god 6 " travel round spot ever also was organized to watch when blasting off, this " god 7 " blast off, tourism group is made stop still is a head.