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Sichuan is provincial swim the level before restoring shake, investment rebuilds
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Sichuan saves Zhang Gu of tourism bureau director 19 days to disclose in Beijing, the program rebuilds after Sichuan saved tourism bureau to already achieved tourism disaster at present, altogether project of 300 many travel, always invest many yuan 800, investment of its China home is occupied 30% .

It is reported, these capital basically rebuild with the refreshment at disaster area tangible, include scene area, tourist attraction, guesthouse, restaurant, infrastructure, road to wait.

Attending " rebuild after Sichuan calamity reach economic society to develop a press conference " when Zhang Gu says, seismic calamity is very big to the harm of tourist confidence, although calamity is local, but the influence is comprehensive. According to the analysis, seismic calamity may bring about Sichuan to save travel loss to exceed 50 billion yuan, "Restoring the confidence that global tourist travels to Sichuan is a formidable task " .

Zhang Gu says, travelling to Sichuan at present is safe. Sichuan has 181 counties, travel scene area has 4000 much place, and area of stricken be hit by a natural adversity scene is only 360 much place, and till now, area of major stricken be hit by a natural adversity condition has restored.

Current, bureau of Sichuan province tourism already invited Japan, Korea and travel agent of and other places of our country Taiwan to make an on-the-spot investigation to Sichuan, release the information that travels about Sichuan on media, restore tourist confidence with all one's strength. Zhang Gu discloses, from eye antecedent condition looks, sichuan is provincial the level before swimming to restore shake basically already, home swims to had begun to restore, enter a country travel is being started.