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Boat opens 27 days of Mo Zhongzhi formally
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Mexican airline announces 27 days, the line that Mexican city reachs Chinese Shanghai via Dihuana debuts formally that day, this one course will have a flight number twice every week.
The announcement that Mexican airline issues says, this all the time of boat open the classics trade dealings that will conduce to the two countries in urging black and bilateral travel, expand further and consolidate this company is in Asian market, predict this course year quantity carrying a passenger will achieve 60 thousand person-time.
Mexico is the country of exclusive North America that opens to Chinese citizen travel at present. January 2005, china and Mexico signed travel to forgive equipment to forget, mexican travel department was in 2006 China create agency. Mexican travel department ever expressed for many times before this, in hope Chinese ink of straight boat enlightened can attract more Chinese tourists travel to Chinese ink.
Mexican airline is one of airline with the biggest Latin America, the course of the company spreads all over South America, North America, Europe and Asia.