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Peaceful adds the country receive fuel surtax
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Yesterday, guo Taihang announces for nothing, the company has obtained a civil aviation bureau to inform approval is added receive fuel surtax.

What peaceful respect fuel expends the country is specific adjust for: Inside two months that had on June 1, 2008, the country is the South Asia of peaceful, northeast inferior the fuel surtax of short distance and long-distance course reachs 66.4 dollars to increase to 21.9 dollars to reach 91 dollars by 16 dollars respectively.

Country CEO Shang Yanlin expresses peaceful, because oil refining cost rises, limited oil refining ability and continuously demand, fuel price already achieved the history again new tall, aviation industry manages an environment to worsen probably further. The fuel cost of peaceful took the country last year 30% of cost of carry of company total battalion, but already jumped now litre to adjacent 40% . With uptodate price computation, the plane of model of 747-400 of a Boeing makes a round trip the fuel cost of London is as high as 360 thousand dollar.