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Go up formally with channel of airline ticket of Cheng net new edition line
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Do you want to master newest the information inside the quickest course of study?

Do you think understanding is newest / information of the most complete airline ticket special offer?

Return commission high, low discount, channel of airline ticket of the net that be the same as Cheng (Http://www.17u.net/plane/ ) the great plan high aim in helping agent of countrywide airline ticket realize a heart.

Platform of net price of airline ticket of letter of the room in afterwards the beginning of the year is ablaze after coming on stage, we go up in the foundation that saves characteristic of channel of original airline ticket, undertook comprehensive adjustment to the frame of airline ticket channel. Here, you can travel together one case with countrywide airline ticket skill of compare notes sale, share result giving a bill, understanding the trends inside course of study, win rich and generous get one's own back.

Channel of new airline ticket channel uses the wide screen pattern with at present popular network, add newly " appeal " . "Investigate " " special offer information " " forum of airline ticket agent " etc brand-new column, abound channel content, the information that submits daily and wonderful confused undertook farther classification and conformity.

Good, everybody is asked to follow below the new channel that I will come to know us, see him have what function.

Recommend with Cheng: Update first phase every week, analyse forward position trends, pass aviation heat information.

Dispatch: Broadcast is current and newest the fastest important information.
Appeal: Feet somewhat short, inch grow somewhat. Not obvious question looks for a classmate please, click Seek the enthusiastic help of 80 thousand person of the same trade.
Investigation: The friend that investigates to each looking forward to that use the platform that be the same as Cheng to make the market, trade is offerred convenient, if you have good proposal and idea, hope you are not hesitant, clickIn home the biggest travel director group obtains the most authoritative the most professional data.

Information of airline ticket special offer: It is the most important that network times holds information, attention is the same as Cheng, pay close attention to special offer information. The swift-footed arrive first, difficulty is enough get first.
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