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Beautiful aviation system breaks down 12 hours
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Associated press Washington report: Bureau of American confederative aviation (Federal Aviation Administration, abbreviation " FAA " ) Zhou Wu (23 days) express, all of American government computer science department of the information before offerring the ship such as track, equipment and safety to civil aviaton air man, had broken down at least 12 hours, but the safety of aviation passenger was not affected.

Laura Braun of female spokesman of bureau of American confederative aviation (Laura Brown) Zhou Wu says, from Zhou Si (22 days) evening begins, this cannot have offerred newer information and new announcement according to warehouse system, dan Fei clerk still can continue to be mixed from console of local aviation traffic in other system, obtain any pertinent information. Group of a pilot shows, this ever also broke down before the system, but often be able to restore very quickly.

Braun still expresses, the air man of all commerce and official plane has passed a relevant federal system to get the announcement about this problem. This system continues to collect all announcements that send air man now. But before asking the problem is solved, bureau of American confederative aviation will defer all fixed facility that need an announcement normally to defend the work.

Braun says, after the system breaks down, the member that the information of any concerned place airports or airspace passes air traffic control conveys air man, include to rest the news that Si Duiyin rainstorm closes runway. According to information of website of bureau of American confederative aviation, this one system still is used as Xiang Fei clerk to inform navigation of support to breakdown, missile blasts off to plan to wait for information with special traffic control.

David Kasituoweite of spokesman of aviation carriage association (David Castelveter) say, the United States each are big airline had known this one problem, and operation is smooth.

Plane owner and air man association (Aircraft Owners And Pilots Association) spokesman Kelisi Danxi (Chris Dancy) say, air man the accused knows, the database of bureau of American confederative aviation appears " disk fails " , should OK that day restore. He says, when the system breaks down previously, the refreshment of bureau of American confederative aviation speed wants to be gotten more quickly than this much.

Braun still cannot affirm when Zhou Siwu night is what reason causes a system to break down, but she says, the working rate of server of a backup is extremely slow, bring about bureau of American confederative aviation to decide will whole system is shut. She also cannot decide when can restore a service. Braun says, the server that break down belongs to bureau of American confederative aviation, but this bureau and company of science application international (Science Applications International Corp. ) with company of electronic data system (Electronic Data Systems Corp. ) the autograph has supportive contract. Reporter Zhou Wu fails in the morning instantly the spokesman that contact goes to these two companies.
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