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Area of scene of garden of 10 thousand Buddha
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Area of scene of garden of 10 thousand Buddha was 1993 invest build by Hong Kong, first phase project covers an area of 448 mus. Scene area is the gardens of large archaize sightseeing that gives priority to with developing Buddhist culture, because of the consecrate inside gardens 10 thousand honour configuration the jade Buddha of each different, Jin Fo, get a name so " garden of 10 thousand Buddha " . Scene area build the tourist attraction with 10 Yu Chufeng distinct squares formed by crossed lines, among them, invest 100 million multivariate golden pagoda floor area 10 thousand much square metre, the tower is 22 tall, the Buddha of 9999 honour gold of the consecrate inside the tower in all bad news bullion 2600 2, how does cat head act according to Buddhist relics of Living Buddha of 6 worlds Panchen. Additional, bad news bullion 650 2, silver is 4000 two cast sansei gold Buddha, tall 1. 9 meters, heavy 1. The rare world jewellery such as 6 tons halcyon avalokitesvara becomes garden area deck Buddhist emperor hall.
Area of scene of garden of 10 thousand Buddha also is called hill of swallow hill tower, it is approval of bureau of cultural relic of ministry of classics state civil administration, country, by Hong Kong announce power group and abide by change build of collaboration of citizen political situation. Only then built 1997, cover an area of 448 mus, always invest 260 million yuan, it is our country reposes exclusively in groove guard of world culture bequest clear Dongling is geomantic the garden type Lin Yuan in the wall, its are geomantic with Qing Dongling come down in one continuous line. Because this building is located in below swallow foot of a hill, have mausoleum quality, get a hill of swallow hill tower. There is building of many figure of Buddha after, call 10 thousand Buddha garden again. The Chinese nation united here traditional 5000 culture and Buddhism, moralistic, Confucianism learn as artistic as contemporary gardens, it is collect the resort that humanitarian landscape, travel, ginseng learns to be an organic whole.

Garden of 10 thousand Buddha has " 10 scene, 9 treasure " . 10 scene are: Polo of tablet of filial piety classics, wind, immortal hall, 12 any of the twelve animalses, Jin Shuiqiao, be apt to dies pagoda of ground of 8 towers, free captive animals, gold, Long Fuge, Tang Shan seismic memorial hall, 29 military discipline; 9 treasure are: Treasure of Confucianist of screen wall of filial piety classics, Living Buddha Buddhist relics does not have royal and valence treasure, geomantic Ji Debao, 12 any of the twelve animalses 8 towers press down Zhouyi treasure, Budda treasure of nation of the treasure of be handed down from ancient times of woodcarving of the treasure in treasure of big Buddha of body of garden treasure, gold, audience hall, hero that fight day, earthquake is clever card. Hill door gigantic plaque " swallow Shan Daling " the hand of Piaochu of Zhao of chairman of Buddhist association of out former China.
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