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Garden of sightseeing of Yan Dongsheng condition
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Garden of sightseeing of Yan Dongsheng condition is located in north of village of run of Home Xi Yang, be located in Beijing ferry Tang Qin of 4 big cities hand in collect a sector of an area, area the advantage is advantaged, be apart from to south each 205 countries of big city 15 kilometers, the 102 countries that save each to northeast (include Beijing Shenyang high speed) have 5 kilometers only, depend on abundant closely direct highway, communication is easy, the environment is beautiful.
Sightseeing garden covers an area of 3000 mus, will recreational recreation and travel sightseeing be in harmony are an organic whole, scene division is green become from the day, if the poem is picturesque, the interest is happy boundless, it is to enjoy period of leave, experience the natural, place that returns uncut jade to put in true ideal 's charge. Sightseeing garden already was had now admire, play, buy, eat, wash, live 6 big functions. Invest nearly 10 million yuan, the guesthouse of collect meal, sky a small room that washs bath, accommodation, recreation to be an organic whole, will provide the most excellent service for you.

Guesthouse of ★ sky a small room
Guesthouse of sky a small room is located in zoology the slope austral hill of the temple inside sightseeing garden, only then built in March 2003, invest 10 million yuan, floor area 5000 square metre, collect meal, wash bath, accommodation, recreation at an organic whole. North looks at temple of clouds of approach clouds cabinet, approach, south the greenbelt between classics mountain forest, join pine forest places a hill densely, by set off of place of green female flower, be surrounded by place of boundless and indistinct green, the environment is beautiful, situation is advantageous. Satisfied the requirement of tourist of disparate arrangement of ideas basically. You can enjoy the dish of different class here, experience " hill is absent to have spirit of celestial being criterion high " , terrestrial elfland, the feeling of too many beautiful things.
City of ★ Yandong children
Yandong children city is located in square of culture of zoology sightseeing garden east side, invest more than yuan 100, cover an area of 1500 square metre, hill having make one's rounds chases, integrated dial, skip class, luxurious turn the recreational project such as horse, naughty fort 13. Full-court fare 40 yuan, organization fare is favourable.
Temple of ★ approach clouds
Approach clouds temple is located in temple summit ministry, only then build at Tang Chaozhen to watch year, rebuild in August 2004, invest more than yuan 500, cover an area of a face to accumulate 2893 square metre, figure of Buddha of size of the model inside the temple 17 honour. Approach clouds temple is constructions of 5 3 type of the door that enter hill, with duouble-eaved roof big Xiong Baodian is a center 5 times, north and south forms in axes, be located in in axis the belfry of two side, drum-tower, thing side hall in a palace or temple is symmetrical row 3.
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