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Qing Dongling
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Area of imperial tomb of acting emperor of Chinese Qing Dynasty saves abide by to change prefectural horse Lan Yuxi in Heibei. After Beijing of quiet day choose a site for the capital, treat 18 years at arranging (1661) build imperial tomb hereat, huang Ling is built in easy county again after, weigh Qing Dongling, Qing Xiling respectively. Hill of swallow of edge of whole hill area hill of Yu Maichang luck and build, cent " hind dragon " with " before circle " , cover an area of kilometer of about 2500 square. "Hind dragon " set inside, medium, outside, igneous path and flood are dialed, be stationed in arms guard. "Encircle before " inside the hill area of 48 square kilometer, build imperial tomb having the Supreme Being 5, feng Dingling, Mu Zongtong treats hill of abundant of hill of scene of Xiao Ling of the Zu Shunzhi that it is a world, holy ancestor Kang Xi, Gao Zongqian grand, Wen Zongxian, empress hill 4, garden of the wife of a prince stops 5. Hill area periphery still is built have the garden bedroom such as king father, crown prince, princess. Bury the Supreme Being, hind, the 160 more than person such as the wife of a prince, king, princess. Qianlong made rich 1928 hill and palace of ground of kind happiness hill by resurrect of warlord Sun Dianying one sky. To other 1945 each hill also by the resurrect. This hill is Chinese existent dimensions the royalty emperor's resting place with whole system of baronial, architecture. The State Council of People's Republic of China was announced 1961 protect an unit for countrywide key cultural relic.
14 place are shared to stop field inside hill area, 320 monomer are built. It is a center with Xiao Ling, each depend on ordinal both sides to arrange, side treats empress to arrange east Ji Jingfei of hill of scene of Xiao Dongling, Kang Xi stops field and garden of double the wife of a prince stops, southeast ministry controls Hui Ling and coffin chamber of garden of benefit the wife of a prince to be the same as; Side makes rich for Qianlong valley of Tuo of Pu of empress of hill and bedroom of garden of abundant the wife of a prince, salty abundant decides Dong Ling on the west (Ci Xiling) , Pu Xiang valley decides Dong Ling (Ci Anling) reach the garden that decide the wife of a prince bedroom, . Front door is bright red door, it is Xiao Ling's portal, also be the portal of whole hill area. There is stone memorial archway before the door, for 15 6 column the stone structure of 11 buildings is built, the range is wide 31.35 meters, 12.48 meters tall. Door north is divine way, direct Xiao Ling, 5500 meters long, 12 meters wide, bricky stone lays the ground. Bright red Menneidong side is change clothes hall, for the place that person of hill of hold a memorial ceremony for trades the garment at that time. Past north is duouble-eaved roof the building of tablet of result of spirit of mind of emperor of filial piety hill of 9 backbone, use on tablet face full Chinese 2 kinds of characters are engraved, outside tablet building all around each set upright ornamental columns erected in front of palaces 1, bypass hill of natural screen wall, divine way two side arrange stone to resemble giving birth to 18 pairs, wait for composition by Ni of Wen Chen, fierce general, horse, kylin, elephant, camel, Suan, lion. Again north is Long Feng door, bridge of road crossing a mind is booth of divine way tablet, stand inside with Chinese, the monument of the full, temple number that covers 3 kinds of characters to engrave an emperor and Shi date. After divine way paragraph He Dingling of hill of the Jing Ling that cent goes out, abundant is magical path, become a system oneself, only Hui Ling does not set divine way and Shi Xiangsheng.
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