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Area of travel of Aries valley Great Wall
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Aries valley Great Wall is Great Wall lofty grand, most the one part of elite, all over the world of its marble Great Wall is infrequent, bequest of congeneric world culture. Only then build at the Northern Qi Dynasty, bright generation wraps bricky overhaul. Water closes, the city of the castle, beacon tower, enemy building, lie martial defense system that makes a complete, rigor. Already became tourist of China and foreign countries' yearning travel famous scenic spot.

Here folkway of primitive simplicity is pure and honest, pastoral peaceful is beautiful. Live farmhouse courtyard, sleep farmhouse kang, eat farmhouse meal, your life sends the affection of meditate on the past, as if to face a haven of peace personally.
The fruit here is early, medium, terminal breed is all ready, quality is excellent. Beijing east Chinese chestnut, walnut, apple, peach hold the post of you to pluck, you can sample to the top of one's bent the fructification of full hill.
You but how does freeway change export next paths to go toward north from Beijing Shenyang, come along smooth green big highway the battalion that build prosperous to westing, to east village of close a depressed place is gone to north, arrive namely to big bank Aries valley.

Situation: Tang Shan change installs village of city big Cui to press down Aries valley village (graph)