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Change brings district of clever hill travel
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Change installs clever hill to be place of fossil of filling day of female Wa empress or imperial concubine of the first rank. Filling day Shi Jiwu shows hand shadow changes 5 mountain peak, reason clever hill calls 5 peaks hill again. Filling day in all refine is multicoloured megalith 36501, use 36500, the others changes world of reincarnation of well-informed treasure jade together. A certain number of mullock after filling day abandon Yu Lingshan foot to fall, natural brought up the clever hill with infrequent all over the world absolutely scene, 1000 appearance 100 condition, uncanny workmanship, lifelike, each tax interest. Filling day involuntary discharge of urine leaves strange well and lotus pool 3 times, say " well of 3 paces interlink, pool of 9 paces lotus " , well water is peculiar, long drought is not withered, long rain not excessive, wintry warm summer is cool, just be like nectar. Lotus pool is apart from a well 9 paces, chi Lilian is spent celestial being water is moistly, graceful, decorous and free from vulgarity, peremptory the wind that has a man of noble character.

Year period, bamboo of Gu of cut down of Qi Huan fair arms, station troops below clever foot of a hill, close establish ginkgo plants 3 trunk of a tree, only one still is put, branches and leaves is flourish, solid belong to infrequent; When Dong Zheng of Tang Taizong Li Shimin transient spirit hill, drive repairs Bai Dasi, monarch is temple, consecrate of the four seasons, white nowadays tower towers aloft, hall eaves is brilliant, yi Yi is unripe brightness; Clever hill of make one's rounds of north of Qing Shengzu Kang Xi, problem " Ling Shanxiu is lubricious " a horizontal inscribed board, declare publicly the world, the scene that weighs clever hill is " the coronal of Beijing Dong Jingzhong " .
Clever hill fact is north scenic spot, have step by step scene, everywhere marvellous spectacle. Eye foreground division already developed make division of 6 great respect, 4 big absolutely scene. 28 great marvellous spectacle. Name area of national AA scene by national tourism bureau 2004. Scene area 2 period the project already developed construction in the round, clever hill will receive all directions with more perfect service guest, greeting a man of insight comes clever hill sightseeing travels, investment construction, let us carry a hand to come, establish Ling Shanxiu look in all, achieve clever hill happiness in all tomorrow.

Situation: Change installs city Cai garden to press down clever village

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