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Memorial hall of massacre of Home Pan valley
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Memorial hall of massacre of Home Pan valley is demonstrative base of countrywide patriotism education, repose in Tang Shan city is plump and smooth-skinned inside village of valley of area Home Pan.
Home Pan valley is located in plump and smooth-skinned 30 kilometers are in area northeast, group hill encircle, ridges and peaks is folded emerald green. Here has 2000 mus of field of 15000 mus of hill, farmland, living move many 400 other people, it is a heroic village that has glorious revolution tradition.
1937 after emergency of reed channel bridge, japan is invaded China policy is changed somewhat, by " pacify " instead " 3 light " , the purpose uses China of armed strength annex, the nonresistant policy of together with Jiang Jieshi, make the Chinese nation is in an abyss of suffering in, under the cruel oppression of the people that is immersed in Japanese aggressor. At the beginning of 1938, my the Eight Route Army and Li Yunchang of staff member of local party card, Kong Qing is coequal will to conduct propaganda of Pan Jia valley fight day to save the nation early or late great truth. People of Home Pan valley answers the call of the party, rise actively war of resistance against aggression. In Ji Dong of 200 thousand people fight day to arm in big ***** , people of Home Pan valley stands in the advance guard of the fight from beginning to end.
As the development of revolutionary situation, we are main mechanism, armory, newspaper office, presswork ten units such as jail of factory, underground are set in Pan Jia valley early or late. 1939, glory of Party branch of village of Home Pan valley is born, the blaze that fight day is burned more jump over flourishing, arrive from 1938 1939 spring, the enemy comes the village is burned kill, loot 138. Village black prime of life comprises dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland the team hit village head 54 times to battle with the enemy, the registered permanent residence that burn down enemy sends villagers is mixed originally fine civilian card, do not hand in hire, do not pay tax, great contusion the enemy's dash. The enemy is hit this to Home Pan valley do not break down, attack what do not enter to fight day fort hate sb's guts, be about to divide surely after that fast, want frenziedly to kill all people of Home Pan valley.

On January 25, 1941, the massacre that Japanese aggressor made inhuman here -
At that time, day bandit calls together many 3000 devil and many 2000 puppet army or soldier, pan Jia valley wraps inclose all round. They arrange puppet army or soldier entirely stand sentry on the hill all around, the Japanese army enters a village in, with gunstock, bayonet, drive people to what be located in village center entirely on the west large hole.
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