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Park of big city hill
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The eastpart part of city of hill of Yutang of park of big city hill, it is the omnibus gardens with the oldest urban district. It depends on hill and build, the big city hill inside garden is the commanding elevation of whole town, form answer mountain to weigh hillock landforms with hill of Home Gu hill, phoenix hill, tortuous path, hill. Steep river falls from hill winding and over- , make park of big city hill forms hill annulus water to hold in the arms, the distinctive scenery of landscape depend on each other. Scene of the four seasons, each has his strong point. Whole park is covered an area of 116. 3 hectare. Relief north Gao Na is low, east steep on the west bend, the terribly northeast is abrupt. Old times, big city hill is divided on the west, east two peaks. Dong Feng altitude 75. 37 meters, tower aloft high; Xi Feng altitude 122 meters. Surface of big city hill is uneven, there is no lack of strange Shi Tufeng, there is natural vegetation to enclothe on. Peak loop turns, a winding path leading to a secluded spot, bony hill stone from time to time is bare, earth of defect of from time to time, half attack by surprise shows from time to time partly, be full of appeal.

1955 spring, people discovers in big Chengshanzhong archaic culture involuntary discharge of urine is put in succession, win contented, stone, bone, mussel, bronze 568, after expert appraisal, it is the Longshan Culture with terminal The Neo-lithic Age certainly, relics name " of relics of culture of Shan Longshan of " big city.
Big city hill is ancient renown Tang Shan, town of collect of tall of clear minor details calls Tang Shan the town, to distinguish Tang Shan (place name) with Tang Shan (hill name) , at this century 30 time Tang Shan (hill name) change call big city hill. The ancient relics of period of the feudal society inside park of big city hill is very much also. Grave of general of the famouser temple allowing a country that has Tang Dynasty, ancient Shi Cheng, ginger and god celebrate temple; Yuan acting hail fane. As the build of fane, ancestral temple, culture of Buddha, path also is passed into in succession. Traditional temple fair, activity of hold a memorial ceremony for makes big city hill doubly magical. Past dynasties great master passes classics Song law, composition of guest of bookman Chinese ink composes a poem. Culture of big city hill also has distinguishing feature first.
You Le area builds park of big city hill in to go up openly. Xiao Yuan makes a living western, with Chinese tradition 12 any of the twelve animalses conceive setting; The eastpart part is recreational division. You Le area covers an area of 13 hectare in all. Bypass central cistern, go to depth can amounting to the highest peak in a mountain range. Plant area is swimming happy area east side, arrived here, also cannot see open prospect again. Eastwards, it is Qu Lu everywhere north. In differentiate cross in the forest of not clear direction, true still meeting makes you afraid look for less than returning road. Plant area is covered an area of amount to 23. 36 hectare, reach a put sb on the spot by area of area of the plant on garden of area of perennial root flowers, Chinese rose, peony garden, peony garden, water, autumnal scenery booth, fragrant grass booth, Xiao Fengting, view and admire the tourist attraction such as tablet of general of booth, ginger to comprise. Among them the most admirable big elm that should count cliff of hill of establish of root of that individual plant, the hart that the truncal just like of overgrow branches and leaves runs, acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person. Whole arboretum is emerald green shade cover, green grass is like mattress, spend sweet bird language, complete unlike is in downtown. Animal area is located in horn of northwest of park of big city hill, cover an area of 24 just. Because relief is complex, element has 9 18 turns say. Distributinging inside 9 18 curved district the tourist attraction such as room of hill of herbivore, monkey, medium-sized animal, beast of prey, lark room. Current, have the animal that views and admire for tourist more than 40 breed more than 300, among them the animal such as chicken of horse of Bengal tiger, northeast tiger, white swan, brown, blue horse chicken, sika, macaque, two-humped camel belongs to a country to announce one, breed of 2 kinds of protection. And leopard, male lion, Cang Ying, Lan Kongqiao, short ear (wrong signal right bird) , black vulture has zoology distinguishing feature each, or amazed making a person, or be terrified making a person, or your person cries absolutely. According to the program, partial herbivore, large birds kind the animal still will put in a suitable place to breed. Come to here in those days, people is met place oneself in animal world, can arise spontaneously the feeling that returns to nature.
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