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Become aware completely temple
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Beijing east the first temple -- become aware completely temple
Become aware the temple is located in Heibei to save pretty of jade cropland county completely child battalion village east, it is unit of protection of cultural relic of national level key, cover an area of more than 20000 square metre, outstanding in royal temple, enjoy " Beijing east the first temple " beautiful praise.
Become aware temple position is advantaged completely, it is far from Bacchic town, repose in river of return to native place and Sha Liuhe two rivers are handed in collect place, situation is very advantageous, be located in the hinterland of area of Beijing, ferry, Tang De, westing Beijing 110 kilometers, tang Shan downtown is apart from southeast 35 kilometers, beijing Shenyang is apart from south bridge of freeway crow grand exports 10 kilometers.

This temple only then build at Tang Dynasty, main building has 3 halls, 3 buildings. 3 halls: Door hall, main hall, hind hall; 3 buildings: Building of belfry, drum-tower, tablet. Inside the hall more than 100 honour figure of Buddha, have the Buddha of big abdomen Maitreya that laughs at a mouth to often leave among them, the 1000 hands avalokitesvara of help the needy and relieve the distressed, in the delegate, east, on the west the Sakyamuni Buddha of tripartite, apothecary Buddha, Amitayus is waited a moment, full of beautiful things in eyes of complete hall figure of Buddha, bearing each different, lifelike. Far see three-layer audience hall resplendent and magnificent; Construction of close view building is distinctive, painterly sculpture craft is masterly, get together already the elite of cloister, what exhibit palace again is beautiful beautiful, have very tall history, artistic, scientific value.
New century begins, leader of country, province, city is right become aware the temple cares very completely, move an a huge sum of money respectively, social all circles and become aware completely of the temple enterprise or business unit and individual also contribution contributes content. Through a year of much tight construction, this chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes restored original building elegant demeanour, present alive person with brand-new appearance before, got the height of expert of building of China and foreign countries, religion, history, art, scholar is evaluated. Do obeisance to Buddha to promise to here, you can obtain the surprise that expect is less than.
Become aware to accelerate the travel of the temple develops strength completely, raise the spare culture living standard of numerous people, annual the first month of the lunar year 15 to the winter jasmine temple fair of 20, rich and colorful of civilian culture activity.
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