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Area of bodhi island travel
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China north is here the biggest island, island having crop failure, green island, island, sanded island, big island, bird island, life island, Buddhist island " 8 islands " strange.
Here has a variety of 160 plants, establish is enclothed to lead 98% above, king of banyan, wild jujube, kapok, Gu Yu, sealwort, Yu Zhu, cogongrass, a kind of reed is careless, the Yellow River with north peerless.
There is 408 to plant here avian, its China home one, 2 class protection is avian 68 kinds, recieve every year come from heart, flower, the country such as Denmark, Finnish, Spain watchs bird group in great quantities, it is base of international view bird.
There is those who build Yu Mingchao here " the rising sun huts " relics and those who build Yu Qingchao " wet sound temple " , it serves to show in those days at the height of power and splendour of bodhi island Buddhist ceremony.
There is Gu Mu here bunder of sculpture, military affairs, fossorial emerge gas of clam of brume of spring, island, 3 days are the same as brightness, was the same as in March brightness strange beautiful landscape.
There is Tang Taizong Li Shimin to live here Bi " Tuo of stone joint of bones " fabulous, Zhou Sheng and treasure bead mythological, law this bonze " point to light the lamp " anecdotes.
Nocturnal old island, hear big tide news, experience bodhi buddhism culture, appreciate home of Le Ting fishing lives. . .
Area of bodhi island scene welcomes you:
Be located in Heibei to save Tang Shan island of bodhi of coastwise of southwest of county of city happy booth is one has an area 2. The sandiness island of 09 square kilometer, be on the biggest island of China north area. Lunar Tuo island comes southeast its 2. 6 kilometers, , northeast comes dock of the needle that scoop up fishing 4. 3 kilometers, to happy booth county 39. 3 kilometers, be apart from 280 kilometers of Beijing, be apart from Tianjin 220 kilometers, be apart from Tang Shan 75 kilometers, island of the emperor that be apart from the Qin Dynasty 85 kilometers, encircle Beijing, ferry, the Tang Dynasty, in Qin Si city.
Bodhi island is development of travel of Heibei province zoology demonstrative area and base of international view bird, the climate on the island is delightful. Scene charming and gentle, be belt of travel of gold of Bohai Sea north partially, having " those who stay alone to go up at the sea is natural move arboretum " beautiful praise, the bright phearl that brights like is glaring be in the Bohai Sea bank.
Day of this island nature is become, have 8 big character, enumerate is: Big island, Sha Dao, island, green island, bird island, barren island, life island, Buddhist island.

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