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Phoenix hill park
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Phoenix hill park is located in Tang Shan downtown, area one hundred and seventy-nine thousand five hundred square metre, it is the our city establishs garden the park with complete establishment of the earliest, function, green water of the hill inside garden is beautiful, a pavilion or house on a terrace of booth stage cabinet, all is delicate.

Park entry point has a 7 meters tall white phoenix sculpture, it is the mark of the park, enter gate square, fountain of paddle of a group of children is in the center of, crossed column of music of settleclear lake of north of direction of fountain edge another name for Ningbo, covered corridor, little bridge too many things to see, can amount to park north door finally. Altitude of park the highest peak in a mountain range 88 meters, hill situation is forceful and beautiful, , pines and cypresses of verdant green is densely covered, the booth of phoenix of duouble-eaved roof of anise of elegance of of primitive simplicity that the survival after shake comes down still stands tall and upright in Shan Dian, ascend 2 buildings platform to look at, take in everything in a glance of new Tang Shan, phoenix summit has hole of an iron Bodhisattva. Park south is pleasure ground, here will exercise your volition and courage, large You Le sets stock " lotic brave is entered " , " hurricane " , " glide flying ala " ; Still have run around on sinister intentions " mad mice " , operate by oneself " dodgems " wait. There still is sedentary unabated inside the park " control an airplane oneself " and " children archness fort " , " extreme misery car " , " pedalo " .
On August 30, 2005, win 60 years to commemorate Chinese people War of Resistance Against Japan, section of the hero that fight day brace up national bronze is in phoenix hill park completion. Section brace up national head wears army cap of the Eight Route Army, the hand holds Mauser pistolMauser pistol, of soldierly bearing has a mind. Bronze fastens director Sui Jianguo to teach a design to make by sculpture of central beautiful courtyard, whole bronze is 2.5 meters tall, base is 1.2 meters tall, make by bronze entirely, bronze lower part is engraving a section brace up national life. (section Zhen Guosheng 1910, person of county of Heibei reason city, childhood flee from famine arrives Luan, reduce child labour. Revolution is devoted into after the War of Resistance Against Japan erupts, 5 mine go on strike to be grown for picket line group by choose greatly, attend Ji Dong's people to fight day of big *****1939 year join a Chinese Communist, establish outstanding service repeatedly, was in in August 1940 Luan county sacrifices in each bank action especially. )
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