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Heibei saves a scenery scenic spot area regulation
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General principles of the first chapter

The first to reinforce a view scenic spot the management of the area, better program, development, construction, use and protect a view scenic spot resource, concern the provision of law, code according to the country, union is saved originally actual, enact this ordinance.

The scenery that this the 2nd byelaw place weighs scenic spot area, it is to point to a scenery scenic spot resource concentration, environment it is beautiful, certain to have dimensions and visit a condition, visit for the person, view and admire, the district that rest and has scientific culture activity.
Scenery scenic spot resource, include to have view and admire, the humanitarian landscape such as carved stone of building of the natural landscape such as special and vegetation of brook of body of the landform landforms of culture, scientific value, hill, cave, river, laky, chute, forest, geological environment and religious cloister, gardens, stone carving and its located environment.

In this province canton region pursues a view the 3rd scenic spot the program of the area, development, construction, use, protection and administrative activity, and enter a scenery scenic spot the unit of the area and individual, must abide by this byelaw.

The 4th scenery scenic spot resource homecoming home is all.
All units and individual have protective view scenic spot resource and scenery scenic spot the obligation of area environment, authority is opposite pollute and destroy a scenery scenic spot resource and scenery scenic spot environmental unit and individual have impeach and charge. Various people government ought to reinforce pair of views scenic spot the leader that the area works, the scenery scenic spot the development of resource, construction, use and protection brings into national economy and social development plan, give on policy give aid to.

The 5th scenery scenic spot the management of the area, must hold to the principle that serves for people, face a society, begin healthy, beneficial excursion and culture recreational activities, undertake patriotism and socialism are taught, popularize the history, culture and scientific knowledge.

The 6th scenery scenic spot the area presses its scenery view and admire, magnitude of culture, scientific value and environmental quality, scope, visit the standard such as the condition, differentiate for national emphasis scenery scenic spot area, provincial scenery scenic spot scenery of class of area and city, county scenic spot area.

Director of department of director of administration of construction of government office of the 7th civil administration that save a person saves a scenery completely scenic spot the area works; The scenery that branch of director of administration of construction of government of people of city, county is in charge of this canton scenic spot the area works. Its are main duty is:
(One) the organization carries out concerned scenery scenic spot the law of division management, code and regulations;
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