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Heibei saves travel rules
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(Heibei saved standing committee of the 10th people's congress the 6th times on November 29, 2003 the conference is passed)

General principles of the first chapter

The first uses travel resource for protection and reasonable development, order of normative travel market, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourist and travel operator, stimulative tourism develops, the basis concerns the provision of law, code, union is saved originally actual, enact this ordinance.
This the 2nd byelaw place weighs tourism, it is to show travel operator uses travel resource and installation, provide communication for tourist, visit, meal, accommodation, shop, culture recreation, recreational go vacationing, the omnibus service industry such as fitness.
This byelaw place calls travel resource, it is to point to pair of tourist to produce appeal, can develop place to use for tourism, art of the natural landscape that can produce benefit of economic benefits, society and environmental beneficial result, humanitarian landscape, culture and folk-custom amorous feelings.
This byelaw place calls travel operator, it is to show this byelaw sets according to the business that pursues activity of travel already battalion and individual.
The 3rd every is saving canton originally travel is engaged in developing service of construction, management, travel and the unit that have travel and individual inside region, ought to abide by this byelaw.
Tourism of the 4th development ought to execute governmental dominant, market to run, battalion of already of look forward to, society is participated in, the policy that can develop continuously, hold to benefit of economic benefits, society and environmental benefit photograph to integrate a principle.
***** of troops of government of people of above of class of the 5th county politics the branch is in charge of the tourism inside area of politics of one's own profession supervise with management.
Government of people of prefectural class above is other concerned service ought to according to respective duty, to travel management behavior undertakes supervisory, manage and had made relevant service.

Tourism of the 2nd chapter develops

Government of people of above of class of the 6th county ought to bring into tourism national economy and social development plan, developing of harmonious processing tourism is great problem, stimulative tourism and relevant industry coordinate development.
The finance sex capital that government of people of above of class of the 7th county ought to increase pair of tourism as the growth of finance income is devoted, the key is used at travel program work out, talent to groom, the level of construction of infrastructure of travel market conduct propaganda, tourism and promotion travel resource.
***** of troops of government of people of above of class of the 8th county politics branch ought to development of travel of government of people of on the basis one class plans and economy of this countryman of class people government and social progress plan, weave the travel of area of politics of one's own profession develops a program, ***** of travel of on classics one stage politics after sectional examine and verify signs up for government of the people that be the same as class to approve, carry out. Develop a program via the travel of approval, each ought to be carried out seriously about the branch, do not get change of do sth without authorization.
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