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Heibei saves travel to complain method
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The first is the legitimate rights and interests that protects operator of tourist, travel, travel of seasonable, just processing is complained, according to the country concerned law, code is mixed " regulation of Heibei province tourism " , union is saved originally actual, make this way.

This the 2nd method place says travel is complained is to show tourist and travel operator think the travel operator inside area of politics of one's own profession damages his legitimate rights and interests, with written or oral form to brigade ***** politics management department puts forward to complain, request the action of processing. Save the travel operator inside canton region originally, it is to show this provincial travel agent, travel nods accommodation unit, travel to nod cafeteria, travel to select area of scene of shop, travel surely surely surely (dot) , the unit that travel orders car ship company to wait for management travel business surely.

***** of brigade of above of class of the 3rd county politics management department is in charge of the travel inside area of politics of one's own profession to complain the job. ***** of brigade of prefectural class above politics management department can entrust travel quality to supervise an administration to handle travel to complain a case. Brigade ***** politics management department or administration be supervisoried by precatory travel quality is travel complains an administration.

***** of brigade of above of class of the 4th county politics management department complains the duty in the job in travel is:
(One) the regulations system that implements a country to complain a respect about travel;
(2) handle the travel inside area of politics of one's own profession to complain lawfully, undertake superior hands in the travel that do to complain a case.

The 5th travel complains must accord with following condition:
(One) complain person and complain item to have direct interests;
(2) have the clear person that be complained, specific complain request, fact and reason;
(3) belong to what the 8th place lists this way to complain limits.

The 6th limitation period that complains a person to accuse to travel ability the orgnaization is complained is 60 days, limitation period complains a person to close right increase oneself by enroach on the computation since day. Exceed those who pass time limit to complain a request not to grant to accept.

The 7th complains a person to should complain an administration to hand over to travel complain application, press complain a number to submit copy, provide necessary evidence at the same time. Hand over complain application truly inconvenient, goluptious appeal to, complain an administration to be written down by travel note, and by oneself or its precatory the person signs.

The 8th following behavior to travel operator, complain a person to be able to complain an administration to travel:
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