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Travel agent deals with of short duration of travel accident insurance to set al
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General principles of the first chapter

The first: Basis " law of insurance of People's Republic of China " and " travel agent regulation " concerned regulation, make this provision.

The 2nd: This regulation is said travel accident insurance is to show travel agent is when constituent group travel, to protect tourist interest, acting tourist pays insurance premium to insurance company, once tourist produces contingency during travel, by the contract the agreement pays the insurance of insurance gold behavior to tourist by accept insurance insurance company.

The 3rd: In the travel agent of churchyard of People's Republic of China, when conduction travel accident insurance, ought to abide by this regulation.

The compensatory limits of accident insurance of travel of the 2nd chapter

The 4th: Travel agent organizes group travel, must deal with travel accident insurance for tourist.

The 5th: The compensatory limits of the travel accident insurance that travel agent deals with should include the following compensation that tourist produces contingency during travel and causes:

(One) person casualties / the compensation that acute disease death causes;

(2) the medical expenses that gets hurt to treat pay with acute disease;

(3) dead processing or the cost that remains repatriate requires;

(4) the baggage article that tourist place carries is missing / attaint or the compensation that are required by pilfer place;

(5) the compensation that responsibility of a third party causes.

Enter a country travel / home travels / leave the country the scale of each afore-mentioned compensation in the travel accident insurance of travel, decide by travel agent and accept insurance insurance company.

Insurance period of the 3rd chapter is restricted to reach insurance amount

The 6th: Travel agent organizes enter a country travel, the brigade ***** that travel agent arrangement enters after deadline of travel accident insurance enters a country from tourist begins when Cheng, till Cheng of this brigade ***** ends, do to leave the country when formalities leaves the country till.

The country that travel agent organizes travels / leave the country travel, deadline of travel accident insurance ascends the vehicle that plans by travel agent to begin in conventional time from tourist, till the vehicle that till this viatic end leaves travel bureau,plans.

Tourist proper motion stops the brigade ***** Cheng that travel agent arranges, till its insurance time limit stops the time of brigade ***** Cheng to its.

Tourist travels by oneself after the brigade ***** Cheng that terminates bilateral agreement, not be travel accident insurance.

The 7th: The amount of travel accident insurance that travel agent handles for tourist does not get under the following and basic standard:
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