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Method of try out of program of trouble removal of great travel safety
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The first: To do safety of very great travel the processing of the accident works, make this way especially.

The 2nd: Accident of great travel safety is to point to:

(1) the accident that causes abroad tourist person to weigh injury, death;

(2) accommodation of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, traffic, visit, the great fire etc of meal, recreation, shopping place is malign accident.

(3) the accident with other severe pecuniary loss.

The 3rd: After accident of great travel safety happens, report unit (see " method of try out of system of report of accident of great travel safety " the 3rd) should carry out " method of try out of system of report of accident of great travel safety " , had done work of concerned trouble removal by this program.

The 4th: Trouble removal in principle coordinates concerned branch and accident responsibility to just reach its to be in charge of a branch to be in charge of by government of accident happening district, can establish trouble removal to head a group when necessary.

The 5th: After accident happening, report unit should send a person to drive instantly go to the spot, constituent rescue works, protect trouble spot, reach times to notify department of local public security. If report unit does not attribute accident responsibility square or responsibility is in charge of a branch just, the deploy that should head a group according to trouble removal has done concerned work.

The 6th: Did not enter trouble spot in personnel of door of the Ministry of Public Security before, when because spot rescue work wants mobile material evidence,be like, should make number, what protect trouble spot as far as possible is objective and complete.

The 7th: Those who have casualties case, answer to organize cure to protect personnel to undertake rescue instantly, reach times to accuse door of local Ministry of Public Health.

The 8th: After casualty accidents happening, while report unit is organizing relieve a sick or injured person in time, number of the group name of personnel of the casualties that check, citizenship, full name, sexual distinction, age, passport and in domestic and international insurance circumstance, undertake registering. Have the should notice to protect good victim remains of fatal accident, remains. To the baggage of trouble spot and article, want to clear seriously and be protected, and item-by-item registers tabulation.

The 9th: There is abroad tourist in casualties personnel, responsibility just is with report unit after it is clear to be checked to casualties personnel, outside wanting seasonable report place, do and aid of Chinese travel close emergency treatment coordinates an orgnaization; Concern a respect by latter and responsible announcement. Aid of Chinese travel close emergency treatment coordinates an orgnaization to be in after receiving a report, still concern seasonable announcement organization of international emergency treatment; Latter make intervene decision-making hind, concerned place wants assistance to cooperate its to begin rescuing work.
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