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Popular destination gave the whole world 2008 a guideline (graph)
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The trip with special what do you have one new year to plan? The whole world each are big media is made to the popular place to go 2008 in succession recently comment on, " new York Times " the place that also singled out 53 of this year to go surely: From Laos new an extravagant hotel that open business goes to those who overcome island of Luo Deya Hvar to face water night inn, go to the United States again the dead cereal western, the viatic choice of global tramp never resembles 2008 such diversification. We according to global mainstream media forecast, gout of basis home traveler and restrict undertake filtration, act according to for you on popular this 2008 destination gives a guideline, the hope can become you to make the strong reference that New Year journey plans.


You get ready go middle east

The Asia's biggest 2008 heat is the China with Olympic flying banner undoubtedly, not need give uncecessary details at this o'clock. Other side, place to go of southeast Asia heat begins to another direction outspread value, be like cling to li island begins to search around not the new islands of open up, and ground of such too impatient to wait of culture Gu Guoze drapes Vietnam Laos the appearance that high end goes vacationing. Another cannot show evasively the elephant is, the contend for whole world heat as the sources of energy, such no-no country also jumped Iran, Kuwait in the eye shot of global traveler.

Laos: Hind times of Wu Ge hole

Vietnam and Kampuchea had been the story of 2007. Now, laos is jumping litre of next heat that is southeast Asia, a series of person that if Wat Phou Gu Miaoqun is mixed,ancient capital every phenomenon seeks large quantities of one culture attracted here. Luxurious shaddock wooden vessel is carrying a tourist to move back and forth on Mekong, and the person of the whole world that roam people flock to help nation to Lang suddenly (Luang Prabang) , it is only taste dining-room of a 3 Nagas (the Laos arrange of Www.3nagas.com) perhaps is in of Sidence Phou Vao of é of R of top class hotel super- big swim Chi Bian and other visitor are collective and orgiastic one evening.

Indonesian Lombok: Not so congested cling to li island

Lombok is one is located in Indonesia cling to of li island the eastpart part ordinary isle, it should walk out of its eldest brother eventually now cling to the shadow of li island. As a result of cling to li island is full of villa to go vacationing everywhere village and design dining-room, the line that there is short range during true traveler hopes to be able to linger over heads for periphery not so congested beach, bigger crater and better surf place, and Lombok satisfied all these need. The prices here is cheaper also, but Lombok also is not the sort of cheap the ascetic practices place to go of knapsack guest. There already was Oberoi(www.oberoilombok.com) of hotel of class of a 5 stars at present on the isle, and other high-end public houses also are in thick as hail.
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