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The etiquette and custom of the Chaoxian nationality is no-no
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The Chaoxian nationality has enthusiasm to entertain a guest, honour old love young traditional. Before the guest takes the door, want first dry cough, or with " be in the home? " show to host ask; Take off a shoe to take the door, enter the kang on the door; Stand up to better let sit, give way for better; Make a guest satiate had eaten; The guest is satiate, spoon should be put on the desk, or put inside soup bowl; Entertain guests have a meal, host should keep to the end, do not leave place before the guest; Want to be waited for with wine photograph to rare visitor, expensive guest; Festal food wants to be shared with neighbour.
Ceremony of family of the Chaoxian nationality is strict, pay attention to father Ci Zixiao, junior respects elder. General old little different place, the old person sets banquet alone; Junior should wait for better have dinner rear can lift chopsticks, smoking does not drink before be in old person, be like cannot evasive also want face about and drink; To sexagenarian old person, the family should be held celebrate ceremony of a cycle of sixty years, worship on bended knees proposes a toast congratulate on sb's birthday.
The contraindication of the Chaoxian nationality has: Intermarriage of forbidden of the same clan, cousin; Do not be fond of eat sheep, duck, goose and fat food, be fond of the flesh that eat a dog, be fond of dog broth especially, but prohibit reducing the dog, meat that eat a dog when marriage funeral and festival.