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The etiquette and custom of the Monggol nationality is no-no
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Enthusiasm of the Monggol nationality is hospitable, pay attention to courtesy. They entertain a guest with what the yurt is a center formal, advocate there should be a lot of rules between the guest, want to be abided by respectively.
Host greets a guest to want to stand at the door outside on the west side; Want " shallow tea full wine " ; Beautiful banquet is the hand grabs the flesh or complete sheep seat; See a visitor out outside wanting to send a package or attrib border, want to help guest start, guest of watch sb go away walks out of a paragraph rear can return packet of house.
The guest is wrapping the discontinue after the room; Do not hold horsewhip to enter packet of room; Do not kick dozen of domestic animals, must not equestrian enter Yang Qun, must not chase after dozen of gundog and special dog; Do not praise master child and domestic animals; Include a house without allowing to be not entered; Do not sit casually inside bag room, cannot crouch, cannot stretch the leg northwest square or cooking range, do not spit, had not crossed from master garment cap, pillow, bedding; Discrepancy wraps a room not to want trample door column; Do not point to the head of others with smoke pole, chopstick, scissors; Gift wants geminate, send receive gift to use both hands, avoid uses single hand, more avoid left hand accepts a gift; When saying good-bye from left leave packet of room, after going out, do not answer to get on the car on Ma Huo to wait immediately.