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The etiquette and custom of Tibetian is no-no
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Tibetian is the nation of believe in Lamaism, with Jing Xian hada serves as general and exalted ceremony. Jing Xian movement divides because of guest body and different:
Right honour person, elder, want to lift both hands to pass a tip;
To of the same generation, want both hands to send to hand of the other side only;
Fasten on their neck to junior.
Display hada to must bow, must not receive with the hand send.
The guest calls in host should be received outside the door, right honour, better wants take off one's hat to bow 45 degrees, see of the same generation a little low but; Tea of Jing Xian tea with milk, ghee or highland barley wine have those who respect 3 cups is consuetudinary, the guest cannot refuse, drink 3 still have between the cup a lot of pay attention to subtly; See a visitor out should let a guest go advanced, pull equestrian equipment saddle for the guest.
Main contraindication has: Cannot feel figure of Buddha, Buddha to offer, body of Confusion classics, Zhong Gu, Living Buddha and the Buddha that Buddha wears in vain bead, because be holy content; Male sit left, female sit right, cannot mix sit; The home has patient or lying-in woman, must not enter.