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Go out travel little common sense
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1, mountain-climbing is unfavorable wear plastic shoe, slipper and leather shoes, should wear comfortable prevent slippery, recreational sneaker. The dress wants close-fitting, avoid branch to pull hang.

2, row inside scene area, wearing life jacket by the regulation please, comply with the staff member's guidance. Pool edge paddle, do not surmount safe cordon please, do not enter the water alone.

3, drive go out full oil adds the car when the journey, do not drive after wine, do not want exhaustion to drive.

4, on hill should note forest zone fire prevention, cherish environment, sightseeing cannot smoke on the way.

5, hint according to scene area limits is visited, for travel safety, do not surmount limits.

6, commonly used drug has been taken when go on a journey, especially old people go on a journey should get ready to often take drug.

7, when field inner ear, dial immediately 110 call the police, seek help of ask for help.

8, piece good weather forecast hears before travel, had taken necessary clothing and other articles of daily use