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The path of the health care that summer travels
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Summer vacation, bring the opportunity of travel to a lot of people, when you enjoy the good time of nature, did not forget to prevent from this and the travel that come is ill. The ultraviolet radiate of summer sun has very great harm to human body skin.

To prevent ultraviolet radiation sickness, go out when travel must reasonable arrangement time, avoid the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to go out as far as possible, especially weather of burning hot calm should not make field travel more; Wear as far as possible light color, qualitative the thin, comfortable, long sleeve unlined upper garment that sucks sweat to breathe freely had better, bare part should prevent the body on besmear bask in frost; Sunshade hat should be worn below burning sun; Sunglass can avoid the stimulation of eyeball of strong smooth cross-eye, also should wear; Much drink answers to contain salt when kubla khah dripping wet kind the cool and refreshing beverage with water-solubility vitamin, in order to maintain moisture and salt kind metabolization balance; Travel of hot summer days carries momentum shoulds not be too big, should increase rest frequency, take some of medicines and chemical reagents to reserve; Answer when travel prevent on besmear bask in things, wash less as far as possible " sunbathe " , because pass to be exposed more,fall in sunshine, can accelerate cutaneous ageing, as time passes can make the skin becomes coarse, flabby, occurrence blood silk, contract epithelial skin cancer easily.

Summertime air temperature is high, platoon sweat is much, go out travel produces heatstroke the most easily. So, go out in the summer how does precaution answer to suffer heatstroke when travel?

Wear light color dress: The summer goes out white, light color should wear when travel or plain coloured the dress, unfavorable wear black or blue dress, because white, light color or plain coloured dress absorption of heat is slow, medicinal powder heat up fast, dress cool, suffer heatstroke not easily.

Wear adiabatic straw hat: The raw material that weaves straw hat is more hollow, have adiabatic effect. Additional, straw hat still has certain keep out effect to sunshine. Accordingly, the summer goes out travel had better wear a straw hat, perhaps take sunshade.

Want to rest midday: Morning air is fresh, climate is cool. Accordingly, the summer goes out when travel, go-off should be some earlier, arrived to rest midday, have travel activity again later at 34 o'clock afternoon.

Drink saline boiled water more: The summer is overflowed high, desudation, the salinity inside body decreases, the osmosis inside body is pressed meet overbalance, appear thereby heatstroke. And drink some of boiled water or saline boiled water more, the salinity of the lose inside OK and additional system, thereby sunstroke prevention.

Take sunstroke prevention medicaments: In travel road, encounter changeful climate easily, ignore cold the climate that heats up suddenly catchs a cold the most easily, the weather that heats up again frowzily again suffers heatstroke the most easily. Accordingly, the summer goes out some of sunstroke prevention medicaments should be taken when travel. Water of healthy atmosphere of ingot of energy of oil of the red that be like a person, cool and refreshing oil, a balm for treating headaches, wind, 10 drops, mint, ageratum. Once produce heatstroke, should carry the patient shady and cool and ventilated place lays down rest, buckle to patient unlock garment next, mix in the patient's head with apply of cold water towel cervical, let a patient take some of person red or 10 drops. If patient faint, the philtrum acupuncture point that can approach a patient with finger clutch or pinprick both hands the 10 10 Xuan that point to finger tip acupuncture point. Send toward around hospital cure again when the patient improves.
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