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Summertime travel health care
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The summer, it is people goes out the good season of travel, in travel, what item should notice?

Above all from move mount is told, the psychology of average person, when going out, be willing to put on new clothes, new shoe, so that clean and cheerful, recreational a few days. Go out for years experience tells us, go out want above all on travel dress " comfortable " , had better not cross crustaceous shoe e.g. the shoe, especially new shoe, grind in case on hematic bubble affects the route, the dress is beautiful with comfortable, recreational outfit, had better not wear a suit, because the suit is general thinner, the activity rises extremely no-go. When going out, best Daiyi carries sunshade cap on the head, because summer is in relief light is intense and ultraviolet long wave is very big to skin harm of the person, long sunshine is basked in continuously can let a person feel giddy, the skin can be basked in crack, serious person can cause all sorts of dermatitis.

Tell from food, go out travel is used up because of moisture big, feed soup more so reach delicate food to be optimal, had better eat fresh vegetable, fruit more, can match some of lean lean appropriately, eat deepfry, fat food less as far as possible, cause indigestion in case. A lot of people see when climb spring feels cool and refreshing, add thirst again, then without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one, delighted ground water, actually this is bad habit. Because some spring are harmful mineral exceed bid, some local pollution are very serious, drinkable hind adverse to health, so ought to much with carry water oneself or buy clean water to be optimal choice, because of,can avoid so drinkable disease of bowel of the stomach that be caused by contaminative water or the water that do not amount to mark.

Ventilated and pervious to light inn should choose on accommodation, conditional choice has the hotel of astral class, foot of a hot bath, hubble-bubble had better be washed before sleeping, if had walked to still answer more rub rub arch and massage crus to be able to strengthen blood to circulate, there had better not be air conditioning all night when sleeping, lest catch cold catch cold, meet the following day all-overish.

Choose natant project, want to choose water quality above all, cannot pursue cheap what kind of swim the pool is entered, especially some swim the water of the pool is tacky, there is small worm in some water, this is injured to the skin not only serious, still can cause a few diseases. This world had better not swim in open air when light intensity intense, because not only sun ultraviolet ray basks in the skin continuously, still have the reflex of water, can cause loss to the skin.

Carry finally wake, when going out, did not forget to sunstroke prevention and the drug that administer diarrhoea are selected on the belt.

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