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The summer travels prevent bask in strategy
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● goes out outside before travel 20 minutes, please attentive bask in things to skin be prevented on besmear, receive sunlight leisurely. The both hands, ankle, place that a few easy oversight are after the neck even, want those who let you to prevent so bask in article also take care of these little corners. Face burning sun, best method is 36 plan " hide " to go up plan. Avoid to came at 11 o'clock as far as possible insolate fell in sunshine at 15 o'clock. When if cannot avoid even if to be in,dripping with sweat, still wear sunshade hat for the United States and health, hit sunshade, wear an outer garment to go out again!

● same canister is prevented bask in frost to cannot use two summers continuously, because prevent air of the contact that bask in frost, sunshine hind, its function, effect can produce change, not easy and long save.

● prevents the beard that bask in frost generally speaking recoat of every two hours brushs ability to be able to assure favorable result. When if have general interest,swimming to the seaside, should choose the waterproof that fight sweat to prevent bask in article. The application after swimming is flexible on body of soap scour off prevent bask in oil, the oil after want Tu Runfu white all over next or be being basked in.

The children that ● leaves to burning sun, waterproof reach those who fight allergy to prevent bask in tasting is indispensable, first-rate method is to match again with sunshade cap. The attention repeats an inunction to prevent hourly bask in frost, the ear that issues even the brim of a hat, cervical also cannot omit. The baby that is not worth 6 months cannot take beach to bask absolutely.

● already was basked in like peel skin, can use nightly maintain. Choice a few have conciliation, aplomb to reach slow of skin stimulative rejuvenesce repair the inunction that protect fluid, avoid to use hot water is cleaned and again insolate, because the skin has memorial function, once be damaged, fall with respect to conceal evil the foundation that change. Do not catch at the same time flinch burnable skin, lest bacterial infection is mixed,leave scar.

Vitamin of ● compensatory vitamin is hold together person one of nutriment of normal metabolism, also be the main factor with strong and handsome skin. Go out when the journey, program insecurity, journey overworked is daily even 3 eat also cannot assure on time, sometimes more the quality that does not care about food. Lack support oneself the skin of the department can become dry, bloated, dim without light, because this answers to eat fresh and clean fruit and vegetable more in the journey, eat delicate food more, reduce sebaceous glands to secrete, be helpful for cutaneous sanitation. Also can carry drug of nutrition of a bottle of vitamin, can complement at any time and place vitamin.

● talcum powder and toilet water talcum powder and toilet water are divided outside having balmy taste, still have the effect of antiseptic disinfection. Summer when enraging burning hot travel every day perspire extremely easily, answer to often wash Wen Shuizao or swab with clear water. After washing bath, be in with beat of a few talcum powder much sweat place can make the skin comfortable, cool. Mountain-climbing bivouac, endure the hardships of an arduous journey, cast off the anguish of mosquito bite hard, brush a few toilet water the place that bites in the mosquito, can antiseptic disinfection stops urticant detumescence. If wild tegument bramble is plunged into, once have,suffer from should besmear medicine wraps up in time.
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