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Lily magnolia paddock
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Lily magnolia paddock calls clear generation royal shooting again. Be located in churchyard of county of paddock of Cheng Debei ministry. The thing grows about 150 kilometers, north and south grows about 100 kilometers, circumference is close 700 kilometers, gross area is made an appointment with 10, 400 square kilometer, park of forest of level of state of dam of rarely of a place of strategic importance is inside scene area. Qing Dynasty is acting, here is the place that children of emperor, Eight Banners and nobility travel surround Xi Wu. It and be away for the summer holidays mountain villa together, become the another politics center of clear political comment.

Here climate is delightful, aquatic lush, the woods is thick, the beast is various, it is a natural animal, arboretum. The summer comes, it is a flower everywhere, the shop that overflow slope bright and beautiful, show scene of prairie of one clique north of the Great Wall. Immense forest provided the place of stay for birds and beasts, wildlife also grows so that multiply from which, here has ten kinds of rare birds birds such as roe, roe deer, deer, wolf, boar, Mongolian gazelle, fox, racoon dog, also be here stay. Here is feral resourceful. Golden lotus is to view and admire flowers not only, and can be used as medicine. Feral dawdle has ten kinds, come with it soup of cook over a slow fire, fried dish, stew boil, have local color additionally. Brake dish, it is famous Shan Zhen, local calls birthday dish, present relatives and friends, can yet be regarded as is excellent gift. Gurgle sheds ─ of dripping Qing Xi ─ to spit force root river, teem with famous fine scale fish.

The blue sky of lily magnolia paddock, Bai Yun, cool breeze, bright moon, brook, laky, high mountain, moor does not have a color, often make tourist gasps in admiration more than. In mountain forest weed, still standing tall and upright a monument. Account is worn Kang Xi, Qianlong the military accomplishment invincible might of 2 emperor. Numerous historic site, in interest of be out of office, visit ancient bronze mirror for the person ancient; Beautiful and vivid fokelore, make the same score to tourist added a lot of topic.

From of old, here is in aquatic lush namely, the natural name that birds and beasts collects encloseds ground for growing trees. "Pine forest of a thousand li " ever was the ground that distant emperor chases, "Lily magnolia paddock " it is the place that clear acting emperor holds lily magnolia Qiu Lie, shi Zai, cong Kangxi comes between Jiaqingnian, royal chase to be amounted to more than times about a hundred in lily magnolia paddock.
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