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Change on the west Chinese chestnut
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The chestnut photograph that Chinese chestnut and other area produce on the west compares change, the shell is beautiful, the bottom sits very small; Fruit form is decorous and even, average every kilograms of Li Guo 120 reach 140, bigger every kilograms 80; Color is shown rufous, have dilettante dried meat qualitative layer, burnish is bright-coloured, and the skin is thin, hard fact if board; Nutlet shows cream-colored scene, easy come off, do not stick endodermis, the flesh is qualitative exquisite, glutinous sex is stuck soft, pleasant is sweet aromatic. Classics science determines, change on the west Chinese chestnut nutlet is hydrous 52 % are the following, 40 % control protein, carbohydrate 38 % above, prandial fiber 2 % above, vitamin C230mg/kg above, vitamin E400mg/kg above, calcic 150mg/kg above, iron 4. 5mg/kg above. In addition, still contain rich carotene to reach a variety of beneficial to human body microelement and amino acid, first of the Chinese chestnut of each district of whole nation of main index house that is helpful for human body. The change that the graph is celebrated China and foreign countries on the west Chinese chestnut.