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Gu is cultivated gold-rimmed small jujube
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Gu cultivates small jujube, vermilion and bright-coloured, fleshy thick nucleus is small, dry jujube can pull golden yellow filament, reason is called " gold-rimmed small jujube " , eat fragile sweet Gan Tian raw, drunk jujube alcohol is sweet full-bodied, cook faint scent is tangy. [Travel alliance 2007-12-4 offers: Travel resource encyclopedia, free travel trades platform, travel community, travel software, www.tourunion.com] Gu cultivates small jujube to contain a variety of nutrition part such as rich vitamin and protein, adipose, crude fibre, lung of beneficial heart embellish, close lienal gas of be good at stomach, beneficial promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, enrich the blood raise colour wait for a function.