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Tang Shan pottery and porcelain
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Tang Shan pottery and porcelain only then between Yumingchaoyonglenian, be apart from the history that already had nearly 600 years today. Its breed amounts to more than 500 kinds, basically commodity Piao builds manage of industry of Piao of porcelain Piao wholesome porcelain to change porcelain Piao art of Piao of porcelain of new and high technology displays porcelain to wait. Product of whole set porcelain has: Piao Western-style food provides coffee service of Piao of Piao tea service in Piao wine provides Piao of bowl of Piao of dish of Piao of cup of Piao of smoking set of Piao stationery Piao dish; The Yao that views and admire for display hangs dish of Piao dish of Piao porcelain all sorts of vase Piao flowers insert board picture Piao, porcelain carving of all sorts of porcelain mold Piao; Can offer building ornamental the practical pottery and porcelain such as mural of large ceramic tile and artistic pottery and porcelain. Among them Guang Canying of Piao of qualitative moist of bone porcelain porcelain clean Piao embryo is qualitative meticulous, porcelain of white jade porcelain pledges Bai Zhong of Piao of smooth of exquisite Piao glaze floats green, most famous.