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Change installs paper of painting and calligraphy
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Renown change paper, mulberry paper. Install to originate in Heibei change. This paper department produces mulberry skin to be raw material with place, classics choosing expects, immerse, synthesis, copy go to, anthology cut, examine wait for treatment of much talk technology to be made. What use mulberry extraction a skin, cut branchwooden fork into parts to cut scar above all, break off both ends, condiments of part of the part in taking, not old not tender, contain lignin low, fiber is thick, to process the optimal raw material of paper of painting and calligraphy. Its treatment craft is careful, if washing working procedure uses double washing method, it is good to give sanded effect giving this world, production gives paper smooth and withy, clean and immaculate.

This paper fiber is exquisite, despise thick equably, colour and lustre is sterling, soft of quality of a material, with hand rub, fold, do not fold do not knit, long retain changeless quality. Travel pen is fluent, not spread and sink in not ooze, take ink stick even. Make book brushwork with its, chinese ink musical sound is clear, character expression is pretty; With its decoration holds back up in the palm, refined and beautiful, enjoy the recognition of " of the announce austral " north change since ancient times.