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Bai Gezhuang rice
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Bai Gezhuang rice is south Tang Hai, Luan, Le Ting, Feng Najun has produce, the producing area in Yinjiji and thoroughbred supply for Tang Hai county, be called again " Tang Hai rice " . This county is located in name of a river in northern china of downstream, Bohai Sea bank, cultivate paddy to already had the history of 50 one's remaining years. Bai Gezhuang rice with its grain rich and even, agglutinant, glutinous is soft sweet gush, dainty the gender is strong and far and near is famed, can at Tianjin " way station rice " rival. Its rice pledges nutrition is abounded, for people general happy event is fed, year one of staple food with a festival necessary day. Outside needing every year except contented place people life, return many export other place.