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Heat strides a net to roll out price of sex of first travel circuitry to compare
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Heat strides a net to take the lead in rolling out price of sex of "UTA travel circuitry to compare exponential " a few days ago (" of abbreviation "UTA index) , so that give tourist person to assess of low quality of travel circuitry actor better, choose fit viatic pattern.

"UTA index " is aimed at technically swim with the group circuit, it is the senior travel that strides net and alliance of Beijing travel agent by heat the corresponding mark that after plan attune division undertakes be evaluatinged integratedly to every circuitry, gives out, give a reference for consumer. "UTA index " by maturity of the price, circuitry, have without shop and complain 4 dimension to spend form, the full marks that every dimension spends is 10 minutes.

Heat strides the controller of the net to express, pass "UTA index " , consumer understands the accident of circuitry of a travel OK and intuitionisticly to actor or actress bad is in, thereby integrated oneself demand, undertake more optimized choice. Before heat strides mesh everyday thousands of new line outside on-line churchyard, travel by major plan attune division gave out such index. And when having any doubt to this circuitry when consumer, the member that travel plan moves the major that also can call heat to stride a net immediately undertakes the detail seeks advice.

The assessment that 4 dimension spend method

The price: Point to a travel circuitry product what level is in inside congener product, the price is lower, notch taller.

Circuit maturity: Point to a travel circuitry product arrive from development now the fixed number of year of operation, the travel circuitry of new development inevitable maturity is low, the mark is 3 minutes, the travel circuitry of 2 years of above 6 minutes, the travel circuitry of 5 years of above 9 minutes, the travel circuitry of 10 years of above, basic metropolis is the circuitry with very mature operation, the mark is 10 minutes.

Have without shop: Swim with the group kinds circuit fraction is large, one kind is to eat, live, travel, swim, buy, amusement one continuous line serves swim with the group, shopping is among them a necessary journey content; Another kind is pure enjoy a group, whole journey does not have shopping arrangement. So if will give a mark from the angle of scheduling, whole journey is not had it is 10 minutes into inn, every decrease 1 minute into a shopping inn.

Complain: Point to to whether great travel has happened on history of this travel circuitry accident, great perhaps complain, complain less fraction taller.