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Pay a habit to affect online travel market
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Where does travel search engine go to (Qunar.com) partnership author holds CEO Dai Furui concurrently to express to sina science and technology, paying a custom is to affect a when at present market of Chinese online travel grows main factor, but Chinese market development is very rapid already, predict to trade quantity hopeful overtakes inside a few years the United States.

2008 Nanjing Internet congress kicks off eve, dai Furui accepts special report of series of sina science and technology, current the topic such as the level of development of market of Chinese online travel, deep-seated factor that affects its to develop spreads out discuss.

"From trade in light of the angle of the quantity, of other market online trade amount percentage, than at present of Chinese market want a few taller. Because very much complex matter is caused,this is. " Dai Furui says.

Above all, consumer is right online pay a function to still did not suit completely. Although " where to go to " there is 70% to think to be in China in the user online consumption is " very safe " , but still partial consumer is not willing to enjoy online pay. Here still has the problem of purchaser behavior, some consumer are used to in fact buy. In the final analysis, a lot of people hope to be able to be experienced before pay, feeling, undertake trying to product or service.

Same, consumer just begins to see online the advantage that order. These advantage include, economic time and convenient. Have one fraction online purchaser very enjoy afore-mentioned benefit. Believe to be in before long in the future, can more and more consumer can be appreciated online the profit that the place that order brings begins to use it.

Wear Furuile to watch estimation, from trade angle takes a fancy to a country online trade volume level have more than is needed can catch up with the United States a few years. And from research angle looks, china has reached American level. Electronic passenger ticket and better consumer protection will be online trade the turning point that the volume increases.

Dai Furui also points out, market of Chinese online travel relatively develop elsewhere faster. For instance, call center technology is compared in China advanced. It is abroad tycoon Expedia also admits even, the hope can use a few successful experience that carry Cheng to develop the call center technology of North America ministry.

Another example is, similar where to go to such search engine, the market share that in China travel search holds wants a few companies of prep above North America and Europe. Where to go to website of before travel search indexes propping up is China a few big travel, and Kayak ranks only in the United States 9.