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How should be tourism B-B done?
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Home does the travel website with the most outstanding B-B to should be the same as Cheng namely at present, 17u.net everyday the travel door that visit quantity wants to exceed a lot of B-C even stands, the theme of the study that is forum not just of course among them and communication attracted travel company of home, more it is amid found commercial opportunity. The net that be the same as Cheng locates to his even if do the Alibaba of tourism.

The local old man in remembering there were several industries last year once had talked about their conception with me, hope some day can be surmounted with Cheng, because look in them, the person that be the same as the operation of Cheng net did not hold travel agent people demand dot. But after a year, more people begin to realize soberly, the result that obtains in B-B with Cheng and acquisition advantage are too big really, the online service content that it can provide for travel company also exceeded these old man far people at the outset expect.

Nevertheless, with Cheng the basis in B-B and achievement do not have the target of the person that reach operation, accurate, still still be in with Cheng do poineering work period. To the B-B of tourism, have two kinds of strategical train of thought: The first, it is the B-B collaboration mode that covers a convention. That is to say, need has innovation, and this kind of innovation comes from the technical force at Internet; The 2nd, copy shows some traditional B-B pattern, cooperative content and flow network. Two kinds of means have OK and successful opportunity actually. Former the biggest problem that face is innovation itself place provide some to cannot replace a gender emulative perhaps (with traditional pattern) , if do not search to give this, b-B of this kind of on-line does not have what appeal it seems that; The biggest problem that latter faces is the change to the habit, QQ and MSN replaced daily phone contact now, mail can replace a fax seemingly, but still have more cooperative content (for example the contact in Jin Liu, journey) it is the environmental atmosphere that the network cannot be replaced or says to did not arrive at change tradition to be used to however.

Last time on congress, with CEO Mr Wu Zhixiang of Cheng extemporaneous be completed makes a speech, won universal applause. He uses vivid case in joining the travel company of the meeting to take reflection atmosphere. Perhaps the speech of Mr Wu is done not have from go up at all the intention that changes everybody, also did not give sell one's own things authority the basis of enough be convinced, but the most important is -- we begin to think, how does the B-B of travel company go with electronic business affairs better confluence?

On the conference of Chengdu, we still invite Mr Wu Zhixiang to make the presentation of this topic. Be known with respect to us, it is early a year ago, made with respect to the strategic train of thought of B-B with the operation group of Cheng adjust, and Fu Zhu specific work, communicate through what control one year and carry out, I think Mr Wu Zhixiang can bring more good content to us.
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