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Can the perpendicular search mode of travel industry go much further?
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For the travel small website in the program, period of time also made the primary survey of some of tourism recently, won't let off the pattern that studies perpendicular search often is said this by everybody naturally, also share a result together with everybody today (the airline ticket price that is restricted to be heated up to fry by everybody only searchs a field) .

See from the beginning of the year cruel dispatch abandoned its management 1 year much life search, estate search, and dedicated search at travel, began to be worn to perpendicular search mystery (do not value all the time to perpendicular search before) . Research target arrives from domestic Qunar Kuxun, stand to a few smaller airline ticket dragnet again, and of abroad be like Kayak, sidestep, farecast, by them powerful function place is torpid. I think the problem can consider from user demand angle commonly, and perpendicular search can solve an user to look for cheap airline ticket really and book directly wait for a problem, leave out many time, the angle that satisfies user requirement from this is told, feel this is application of class of an alleged killer really. In China's current travel spending group (eliminate those high end and commercial user) , basic spend without brand loyalty, be in especially airline ticket respect (also cannot blame an user this, our airline is big old people also did not offer what difference to change a service) , whose price is low who to use. And, airline ticket is the product of special standardization, calm bill popularity rate is higher also on the net, feeling from " inquiry " to " quite " " next sheet " " pay fee " , perpendicular search can stretch is done calm.

But understand as development, no matter be,be being returned from the technology is business level, begin to feel a few soft costal region of perpendicular search must be settled, once upon a time paragraph the collaboration that time Ctrip sues Kuxun to stop Kayak to aviation of the closest United States, refract a problem among this, and, devoted capital is far should get greatly than what I envisage much. Mix from business here two respects make the technology a few simple analysises, discuss jointly with everybody.

The problem that says business mode first

1 , perpendicular search the accrual to each airline, had negative beneficial result actually in the long run.

Perpendicular search to airline, its unique value trades with respect to what depend on base price ticket the promotion of the quantity, and take flow to airline B2C website. Because the user uses a search, hope to get the cheapest airline ticket through means of rate of exchange namely, petty gain of whose home airline ticket decides whose home. An industry most those who be afraid of is price war, because price war gets hurt finally, still is a businessman. The occurrence of perpendicular search, make such price war more intense mix direct, short-term treat airline very glad, but cross a paragraph of incident they do not have free lunch with respect to can clear the world. And, perpendicular search destroyed original channel system (in boat letter and associated greatly small airline ticket agent) , have quite a few medium or small airline ticket representative is used no longer in boat letter, and use perpendicular search to search lowest price for the guest, book through airline website next, add valence to sell (off line covers dozen of journey sheet) , this raised the administrative cost of upriver company.
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