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Internet will bring business travel industry to sell storm continuously
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Today summer, the heat with the biggest market of domestic business travel becomes those who count airline to sell policy to commercialize.

Began October, the airline ticket representative that already had 21 years of histories secures the system that return commission to be about to change, what complete market principle falls will be carry out to negotiate a mechanism between airline and agent. For a short while, of industry of airline ticket representative large-scale shuffle forthcoming, large quantities of in the hearsay spread fast that small agent is about to close down, market of sale of domestic airline ticket was immersed in unprecedented queasy in.

The backside of this one incident, of the profundity that mirrorred a product that market of international business travel is having to sell pattern change.

Old since, inside global limits, the sale of business travel industry gives priority to body with acting mode, numerous agent waits for product supplier through consultative means and hotel, airline conventional room / cabin seat or berth / the price / a flight of stairs makes the product element such as commission, do business each other for lever with consumer.

In fact, this kind of traditional representative pattern promoted the development of the industry inside quite long history period, driving product supplier to enlarged sale respect to achieve favorable commercial result. But on the other hand, its deep-seated malpractice also is highlighted stage by stage. The agent is located in the center of value catenary, block stopped the iformation flow between product supplier and consumer, the demand that makes product supplier is aimed at terminal consumer hard is developed in time and perfect a product, form of forestall stage by stage to passenger source as the agent especially, year after year of acting commission proportion is climbed litre, partial product supplier is controlled finally even by agential place completely, consumer became intermediate link the final person buying sheet of high cost.

Undertake be sellinged continuously in the light of consumer, return intermediate cost return consumer, it is the optimal outlet that product supplier casts off predicament, promotion to sell efficiency. But up to 2007, of domestic airline spend proportion continuously still overall the level that wanders in 10 % , the heavy heavy burden that resided the acting commission that does not leave high to form an enterprise to manage is carried.

The hotel is driven online sell an industry to upgrade continuously extremely urgent

Regard business travel as another of the market main product, of the hotel sell continuously facing more grim situation.

The product supplier amount of hotel market is numerous, situation is dispersive, the management resource of monomer hotel is fragile, put in in brand strategy and sale, the capital bottleneck with the respect serious existence such as the construction that sells terrace continuously and operation. In fact, opposite airline, the bargain ability that the hotel faces an agent is more fragile, the acting middleman's fee that need pays is more exorbitant. With home the biggest business travel books an agent to carry Cheng to be exemple, its the commission of sale agent of unit airline ticket 2007 is 45 yuan, and the hotel is as high as 71 yuan unexpectedly, both differ close to one times.
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