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The electron pays yesterday, mix today tomorrow
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The confused situation that Chinese electron pays an industry is awaiting big " clean " , and the enterprise that those can live will be in the industry the development chance before obtaining be free.

tripartite electron of Chinese pays an industry only then at Internet electron business affairs, issue the success of pattern of Bei Baoshang industry as EBay Yi Quqi, home appeared numerous copyist, take free pattern in succession, enter this one field. And more a few small companies are adopted violate compasses, opaque or " suicidal type " practice, venture capital of have the aid of encircles the ground, make original with respect to profit very thin

tripartite pays an industry temporarily the disorder can'ts bear.

Data shows, there are 50 ~ probably when home is most 60 electrons pay a company, and business still is done weller now, only 30 are controlled, among them very big one part had chosen to exit.

But, wait for the development of the industry as electronic airline ticket, online travel in recent years, in the past only base oneself upon paid an enterprise to also appear at the electron of Internet electron business affairs a lot of welcome change, begin thorough trade, mining application.

And once license plate begins to issue, the electron that obtains license plate paid an enterprise to obtain a country to approbate undoubtedly, make its apply a domain to will become wider and wider.

The road of development

China's earliest electron pays a company is companion is arisen as Internet electron business affairs actually, these enterprises rely on commercial bank gateway to undertake liquidating business, be equivalent to the agent of the bank, from the bank wholesale arrive after business, can not see any information of the user however, just have the effect of the bridge between bank and user, additional value is not high.

And those who accompanying Bei Bao to be in the United States is arisen, home also begins to appear to be similar to Bei Bao's enterprise in great quantities, they have their fictitious gateway, can see user information, begin professional work according to the analysis to user information, had oneself client group truly.

2003, "SARS " become Chinese electron to pay the turning point that gained developing for the first time, trade the quantity begins to rise, and treasure pays by 2005 " the world does not have a thief " advertisement, the action that cultivates the market reached since, making the user knew the electron pays is how to return a responsibility.

According to saying below IPS(of Shanghai annulus fast " annulus fast " ) general manager Luan Yumin introduces, 2005, the month of annulus fast trades at that time the quantity has been achieved 100 million multivariate RMB, and month and lunar annulus never had fallen than growing 10% . "At that time, when we go out to popularize, discover a lot of people had listened to others to had told the story that the electron pays. Discover a lot of people had listened to others to had told the story that the electron pays..
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