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Business affairs of business travel electron: Mou of actor man Xing stretchs tig
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The electronic business affairs of Chinese tourism is in from crawl to erect walking level is developmental, and, it has begun to try to use true Internet tool.

Say according to inside information, pay net of journey of treasure company and E dragon to reach cooperative agreement, net of E dragon journey already entered those who pay treasure to pay interface at be being received formally on September 1. Receiving a week time is less than after paying treasure, discharge of E dragon net and trade quantity dash forward flying rocket. Paying treasure is E dragon receives only a tripartite pays a company.

If be compared from money newspaper,be opposite, net of the journey that carry Cheng announced recently newspaper of money of the 2nd quarter showed 2008, carry Cheng Shi to show RMB of total business income 402 million yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew 30% 2007, relatively grow 10% first quarter 2008. Occupy among them carry Cheng total business income near the airline ticket of the half books income is the key that carries Cheng and E Long La to drive income gap. The airline ticket that carries Cheng books income to occupy 4 become, e dragon is only two into the left and right sides, on income scale, carrying Cheng is dragon of far banner E more.

But the personage inside course of study thinks, after E dragon pays treasure hand in hand, both the difference that books business in airline ticket will narrow possibly considerably. Have other data evidence, since in December 2007 Hai Hang and since paying treasure to reach collaboration, demand was sold to grow nearly 40 % continuously on former net. And in-house person, after E dragon receives close a week to pay treasure interface, discharge, trade the capacity also appeared bigger promotion.

Nevertheless, carry Cheng to also be not did not realize this: Before this, carry Cheng the as biggest as the whole world already online pay platform PayPal to reach strategic collaboration, layout enters a country swim the market. Be in early this year March, the website of Chinese churchyard You Yingwen outside carrying Cheng to already rolled out a needle to be opposite. Carry Cheng to extend antenna the market outside Xiang Hai, shang Lan of vice-president of sale of the market that carry Cheng expresses to this, "Through cooperating with the development of PayPal, the disbursement that promotes foreign nationality to carry Cheng user experiences. On the other hand, payPal is giant and abroad user amount may bring client of considerable and potential travel to carry Cheng, this will be pulled open further carry Cheng and competitor difference. This will be pulled open further carry Cheng and competitor difference..

Carry Cheng to think domestic user had been used to the dialect of enthusiasm of Call Center telephonist probably, but, undeniable is, handle the business computation of industry of 10 million house according to a year, this giant call center has done not have again outspread likelihood.
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