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Google of have the aid of, 5 countries the netizen is interested in Chengdu trav
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Only a month, the page of activity of network sale theme on Gu Ge reveals Chengdu broke through 20 million times, thematic activity is clicked effectively achieve nearly 100 thousand times. Yesterday, the reporter learns, google of have the aid of (Gu Ge) the promotion of image of Chengdu city brand that platform of network of company whole world has, online network sale already saw resource of destination of Chengdu area travel and travel product first effect. Will look according to visitting a quantity to distributing, germany, England, Australia, United States, Holand 5 countries the netizen is interested in Chengdu travel most. Chengdu article brigade and Google (Gu Ge) the company will undertake deeper the collaboration of one pace.

Politic: Locate online English user popularizes Chengdu

Group of Chengdu article brigade and cereal song company signed cooperative agreement on July 22, the platform of content alliance network of the search engine system that uses cereal song internationalization adequately, globalization and advanced technical measure and substantial product natural resources, face the whole world to basically enter a country each passenger source country and region market, start the online network sale that Chengdu culture travels in the round. On August 1, online sale starts first whole world of countrywide that is fixed position with integral city formally.

The project characteristic that in the light of this whole world of Chengdu city image popularizes, cereal song company and article brigade group locate first online English user, will " after supporting Sichuan calamity, rebuild, participate in Chengdu culture to travel " thematic advertisement and " visit the panda birthplace, China that experiences China - - Chengdu " wait for content to in an attempt to piece advertisement means puts the whole world such as the United States, Australia, England, Singapore on 12 main passenger source, if American world travels net of guideline net, Australia loneliness heavenly body, Singapore Bed&breakfast.com of 360 nets, England.

In the meantime, complementary with English, Chinese simplified keyword searchs traditional, Chinese advertisement, undertake be popularizinged integratedly in the light of the country of Euramerican and main passenger source, Asia country such as Singapore and area of our country Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Feedback: 5 countries are interested in Chengdu travel most

According to department of market of article brigade group functionary introduction, reveal from content of network theme activity reach visit quantity to distributing in light of, before be being resided at present 5 visit origin country is the United States, Australia, Germany, England, Holand respectively, 70% what occupy thematic page to visit a quantity. This network user that makes clear above each country as a result pays close attention to most " China " , " Sichuan " , " Chengdu " and " rebuild after seismic calamity " wait for pertinent information.
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