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Pay treasure to aid force travel cent to sell course of study to develop quickly
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Recently, the reporter sells height forum organizing committee to understand from cent of travel of China of round-the-world brigade dispatch, pay treasure to pay the actual strength of the domain in tripartite by right of its, formal autograph is become about 2008 the silver sponsor of height forum.

Chinese travel cent sells height forum (Http://www.traveldaily.cn/tdchina/cn/ ) sponsor by round-the-world brigade dispatch, how will the challenge that aims to be discussed jointly and analyse Chinese travel to divide the place that sell line of business to be faced with and competition and Internet affect Chinese travel to divide pattern of the future that sells line of business and market competition. Height forum will offer to communicate for personage of industry high level, the superexcellent opportunity of communication, understanding, the cent of understanding international travel that makes trade public figure more thorough thereby sells the current situation, hold industry to develop a general name for arteries and veins, answer leisurely brand-new challenge, business of service of implementation travel supplier, journey and travel cent sell the ultimate goal of the win-win of each administrative levels such as business!

Depend on round-the-world brigade dispatch all the time importunate high end, professional, indifferent concept, forum invited the numerous speech honored guest that comes from China, Asia, United States and Europe, be like: International boat assist vice president of division of Asia-Pacific of the boreal subregion vice-president, CEO that carry Cheng, E dragon CEO, mango net CEO, Expedia, and in the company high level such as aviation of boat of boat letter, country, Ying Hang, beautiful northwest, elegant tall hotel, Gelinhaotai. At the same time once forum is released attracted namely come from cent of representative of online tourism, airline, hotel, travel agent, airline ticket, travel sell numerous company honored guest seeks advice inside the course of study such as the system sign up.

Regard China as banner tripartite platform, pay treasure to devote oneself to to offer from beginning to end safe, convenient online pay a service. Aviation of the closest Shenzhen and net of E dragon journey just announce and pay the collaboration of treasure, these movements also show the determination that pays treasure desire to exhibit boxing foot greatly in travel industry and boldness. Pay treasure respect to express, pay treasure to pay close attention to whole travel to divide the development of sell course of study from beginning to end, the hope passes more professional solution and closer service quality, solve an user to need to help travel divide the progress with sell faster and healthy line of business at the same time.

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Pay treasure (China) network technology limited company is home's banner independence tripartite pays platform, by Alibaba the group establishs. Pay treasure (Https://www.alipay.com/ ) devote oneself to to be offerred for Chinese electron business affairs " simple, safe, fast " online pay a solution.
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